Friday, 14 May 2010

Polis Trafik ALSO Do Work


You know where PAWS is?
Yeah there. PAWS people asked us to use the small lane which we thought is especially made for PAWS people to use, manatau this polis stopped my friend's car and claim that it is motorbike lane.

Was with Marcus to tie up loose ends of Pets For Keeps 2, that's why we were there.

He wanted to give us a saman of konnonnya RM1k.
We pleaded and said that it's impossible to find such a big amount of money and that we are students and that we went to PAWS to do charity and PAWS asked us to use that road to go out.
he whispered and asked if we wanna 'settle' things on the spot or not. Then Marcus took out his wallet and showed the polis that he only had RM10 in his wallet. Then the police said that RM10 is not enough. He wanted at least RM50, and suggested Marcus to ask from his colleague, pointing at me la.
I REFUSED to give him any kopi/milo/teh/horlicks money. He can drink pipe water if he wants
My mother pays your salary leh, don't expect me to give you extra pocket money. Who do you think I am? Your granny? Ask and it shall be given? I would rather pay the saman, and let the government use the money for betterment than to let you earn lo.

I said I got no money. Which is true. The few hundred in the pink purse is supposed to be returned to it's rightful owners who were so kind to lend me some moolah to pay for my clothes and Crocs.

AND THEN I thought of a bright idea.
I secretly took a picture. Kononnya I wanna blog about the whole thing like Kenny Sia la. Manatau that polis is so alert wor. He saw me take a picture of him and immediately issued a saman.

My fault la, I shouldn't have been so smart. I don't know how Kenny Sia took a picture of the police's badge that said "SAYA ANTI RASUAH" when he himself gave the police duit kopi.

So we pleaded again, but he wouldn't listen. So I pretended to call my dad or someone but in actual fact, I secretly snapped more pictures. Hehee. Nah, let you see.

Whoops, 1st attempt fail. My hair covered the lens.

3rd and 4th attempt only jadi. I'm afraid to show his pictures lo. So I shall not post them here.

This is taken when I was 'still on the phone' but I suspect he suspected something amiss so he went to the back to continue writing the saman.

After handing the saman to Marcus, Marcus placed all his other RM50 and RM10 back into his wallet just to show the police that he had the money but didn't want to give him.

I told my mum about the whole thing and she called her lawyer up. The lawyer said that it's a good thing we didn't give the police pocket money and she advised us on what to do. But first, I'm going to find out if that road is actually a motorbike lane, though I highly doubt it, if not PAWS would have kena saman so many times.

This is the first time I got stopped by a policeman in my entire life and one thing for sure, my perception towards them totally changed. I used to salute police when I see one. Then as I grew older, in my mind, I secretly acknowledge them and thanked them for keeping the peace in the country (cheesy, I know). Now, although I would love to spit at that particular rasuah-police, I won't because they are still the law enforcers(or what you call em), I'm puzzled. Imagine you looking up to these polices all your life and suddenly one comes along and gives you that impression.

Dear Gramps,
The traffic police wanted to me to break the law. Were they all like that when you were a detective?


Jin said...

I would rather pay the saman, and let the government use the money for betterment than to let you earn lo.

Something is very wrong with this line.

chLoe said...

whoops, sorry, i meant betterment of the country.

NicholasIceGhost said...

so how much did y'all kena?

Chloe said...

kononnya 1k la. but it's just a saman. idk la...

Jin said...

It's not the grammar that is wrong. It's the context of it. ~_~