Thursday, 6 May 2010

When Five Fell

by Wesley Chan from Wongfu Productions.

This short is about 5 objects we(some of us) use in our daily lives.
Here's the director's notes on their official website.

These objects are like a guy's point of view towards the girl they are/fell in love with.
I've yet to decipher the hidden hidden meaning in it. It's either the short is too deep, or I'm too shallow to understand something like this. Watching it for the second time.

The voice overs for each object is done by popular Youtubers.

You've gotta love the cinematography.

Less than three, Wes. Less than three.

Just watched At Musing's End. Directed by Wes.
Part 1

Part 2

and I would say that AME is my most favourite one among the rest of the shorts. That girl was daydreaming. That explains the narrator's point of view. Nowonder the narrator understood her so well.