Tuesday, 15 June 2010

3 Bags in the Luggage, One in the Handbag

six bags altogether for a two night trip to Penang and Taiping. So much for travelling light. Way to go, Chloe!

This situation/syndrome usually comes from dilemmas people face whereby they can't decide on what to bring on a holiday so they just bring everything. Problem solved.
If only this solution can too solve my laptop purchasing dilemma. Toshiba or Macbook? Toshiba or Macbook? Or anything that you know won't transform into an oven or a barbecue grill. Please don't suggest Acer or Asus or anything of that sort.

I don't wanna be typing on a marshmallow toaster again for the next four years.

Here's my family who had dinner at one of our kopitiams, and my mum having the reputation of being a drama queen decided to be some clean-diva-something.

Here she is resting her elbows/arms on two pieces of tissue paper after wiping her part of the table.

And here's my Great Wall of Drinks to avoid Triangulus* from pushing his fattening pork noodles over to my corner of the table.

and the drinks didn't move until I was sure that he finished up everything.

*Triangulus is a name Ice gave my dad after seeing him for the 1st time. Ice said that he looks like an inverted pyramid, hence the name. Hehee.