Monday, 28 June 2010

Convo went like this:

Dizz: Miao
Me: What?
Dizz: Miaoo
Me: Ok
Dizz: Miaoooo
Me: Hang on, I'll teman you later, okie?
Dizz: Miaooooooooo
Me: Later la, Dizzie
Dizz: Miao

Then I sat down at the computer.

Dizz: Miaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Me: Oh

And there was silence.

So I thought the cat went and makan her food and decided to leave me alone la. Manatau while watching my drama I heard a loud crash. Thinking the worst that could happen to the cat, I rushed out of my room to the dining room only to find my mum's whole log of charcoal was pushed to the ground and it broke into pieces.

So I mah gave Dizzie two tight slaps on the thigh lo. Obviously it has to be her right? She's the only culprit standing there, walking away from the scene of the crime. Dizzie walked to one corner and sat there quietly and rolled over, as if I was going to give her a tickle or something. And she rolled over. And rolled over some more.

I stared at the mess she made all over the floor mat. And stared at her. And at the mat. And at her. And went to get the dustpan. and clenched my fist ready to strangle the living daylights out of the cat.

Knowing that I'll be charged of homicide by SPCA or PAWS or something, my two feet stomped to get the broom. Funny my brain didnt think of using the broom to hit her backside when I saw her tail held ULTRA HIGH with that irritating victorious swish before walking towards her food bowl. Mind you, that was right after she saw me sweep the bits of charcoal off the floor.

So the geram lo. I know la she wants me to stand behind her LIKE I ALWAYS DO when she wants to eat. As if la ada ghost in the kitchen or something. Scaredy cat. So while I was busy walking up and down in the kitchen throwing the dirt into the dustbin, she sat at her food place happily eating lo. TAIL STILL HELD HIGH.

ARGHHH!!! Geram or not you tell me. Geram or not? After clearing up her mess, she wants to play catching-catching (usual routine/game i play with her) and started running around the house. Obviously I stomped my feet back to the room la, and this dumbdumb thought I was playing with her wor, so she ran to the room first, like she always does when she anticipates where i'll be going.

Brain's still boiling. Keyboard's being abused.

P/S: Yes, KC, we will ALL miss you if you go to India. Thanks for the trip to the Indonesian satay place. It's really good.
In case you were wondering, KC had 'something important to tell' us, so Chong, Jin, Pam, Tracy and I and Chong's friend who was stayin with him for a few days met up to listen to kc's important news.

Update: Mum called and I related the whole Dizzie story thing to her.
She laughed.
This Dizzie thing made me cry.
I'm so angry >='(
And then when she heard me talking on the phone, she came in and nudge nudge me. I'm still so angry and here she is so manja.

Shall I give the vengeful cat a hug?
Or shall I give the manja cat another piak on the head?


wei vern said...

give piak!!!