Monday, 9 August 2010


Global Societies just ended an hour and a half ago. Spent the first 10 minutes watching the lecturer connect the laptop to the projecter, intercom the IT people, and watch the next 15 watching the IT people do whatever the lecturer tried doing. Then the last 15 minutes was spent shifting from one lecture theatre to another(about a 5 second walk away) and getting the 'kids' to settle down.

I DO NOT want to mention the sad fact that I left my phone at home, borrowed this girl's phone to text Marcus and lent me his until mum came over to pass me mine. It's so traumatizing, I tell you. Especially when you're in a new campus with minimal friends. Note: anti-social mode is currently on.

While waiting, I was tortured by the conversation the girls behind me had. You are drunk and you kissed a random guy at the club. It sounds like you're enjoying it more than you regret to me. Haha. Girls sitting behind me, glad you had fun last night. =)

Aaanyway, next lecture at 1pm. Goina have lunch with the SEGiSubang people. Bye!


wei vern said...

Get out of ur anti social mode!!!!!