Saturday, 14 August 2010

Butt Of All Jokes

There is nothing worse than walking around with a HUGE-ASS split on your pants.
*nudge, see what i did there? hehee, cheesy puns*

My third this year. Obviously shows how much my arse has grown. Double facepalm. Throw in an extra two buttpalms in, for each cheek.

I want to be able to live this quote:
"one day, we will all look back and laugh"

I dare not look at my back, obviously.

The minute I reached home, I threw the assholed pants in the dustbin. I never wanna see it again.

It was about 24 hours ago when it happened. I cried at first, then I laughed a few times, then I felt superhugeass embarassed, then I couldn't be arsed. I guess telling more people who did not get to witness my bum LIVE on-air makes me feel better =/