Monday, 13 September 2010

My hols have been great. Very fruitful, in fact. How about yours?

I've been thinking about my assignments for a while, then stressing on how much there is to do, then reminding myself how Taylor's has drained my very low IQ to a lower point where you would rather attempt to move a stubborn donkey rather than striking up a conversation with me.

Eversince I fractured the right foot, I've been sleeping a lot lately. It's either the excruciating pain in the foot made my already haywired brains go haywire, or I'm actually avoiding my assignments.

The foot's fine now. After Tuesday, the swelling subsided. I could limp without any pain(don't ask me to might as well walk. coz i can't). And the next few days, I found a comfortable spot to rest my body weight upon. After Friday, I could wear my shoes(with ankle guard) in 5minutes, compared to the 20 minutes on previous days. On Saturday, the sharp pain where i think i fractured isnt there anymore. After Sunday, I could limp faster. Hehee. I'm so bored of limping. Honestly. Initially I thought it was a fun new way of walking. And boy, am I wrong.

Do you think SEGi Kota Damansara would have been a better option? I really can't take it anymore. Or rather, did I make the right choice to start off at SEGi in the 1st place?