Sunday, 19 September 2010

There is ONE THING

I should do... and I strongly believe it involves the words 'complete' and 'assignments'.

I admit. Studying Journalism is one of the most difficult chore to do. But it certainly has its perks. I see that in the future, people will think of me as one who knows what she is doing(specifically) instead of 'she doesn't know what she wants to do in her life yet so she chose Communications Media Management'.

Pshht. Nyeahh...they will also say that Chlor is the most cooltastic girl on the planet. I can't even spell my name right.

No offence to those who are really interested in CMM. Congratulations for not being there 'because that's the next thing a masscommer should do'. Personally I think I would enjoy CMM subjects more. But I do not regret for taking up Journalism nonetheless. Why I chose Journalism is based on the reasons below:
1) there are lesser people in the classroom(or so i thought)
2) i don't wanna stick to the same gang
3) no need to go through event planning AGAIN
4) no need to deal with talking to lots of people and socializing
5) it is less common because i like stuff no one likes)yes, i believe Journalism is an underdog)
6) i suck at deciding/making decisions/coming up with pros and cons


Why I am more likely to survive CMM:
Everyone knows I can't write facts to save my precious bags.
Everyone knows I can't write a formal article to save myself from being strapped by a time bomb.
Everyone knows I'll die writing a piece of REAL news faster than my head being hung by a rope.
Please excuse the more-than-usual usage of the term 'death' because that is what will happen to ANY college student who does not complete their assignments.
Everyone knows I would rather walk the plank than to discuss intellectual factual stuff because
everyone knows that sharks are there to pretend to scare the plank walker and they will actually let them sit on their backs and carry them to a safe beautiful tropical island in Hilo, Hawaii.

Ryan Higa is from Hilo, Hawaii. =)

Maui is fine too although I wouldn't mind Waikiki one bit:

Who would have thought that Hawaii would have so many brightly lit buildings. Just like Hong Kong. <3

I can't remember my point that was supposed to be brought across. Pretty lights distract me. But my other point is that I'm reading up some more psychology/behaviour thing. This time it is about the left brain and the right brain. Interesting shit I tell you. And got myself distracted from reading Global Societes on Sri Lanka's LTTE/Tamil Tigers and Media Context's Kartika the beer drinking model's case.

I try to look for interesting reasons or my driving force to complete assignments. GS for example, I like Ms Usha. She's one cool sarcastic lecturer. So I do my assignments because of that. IDM(introduction to Digital Media) is the only subject that has been holding my interest, probably because it's the only subject that requires creativity. I'm not THAT a creative person. But my right brain is more dominant. Muahaha. I just read that article up and took an unreliable online test =D

Two more years, Chloe. Two more years. Look forward to fun stuff in college and that two years would be a breeze. Look how fast time flew in SEGi. No doubt half a year of your life was cheated from, into studying there, but you enjoyed it there, didn't you?

I honestly can't wait to get over the whole culture shock thing in TLC and begin to be comfortable in my own ugly 3quarts/gym pants/old tees.


JELA said...

last time she used to say "Fry in Hell". I can't remember what was that for.. but it was about someone..

chloe said...

hahaha!!! she damn cool lah =D