Thursday, 28 October 2010

OK, So I Had This Stupid Idea

where I tried to make myself emo because I had the sudden urge to write.
Here's the math:
clo emo = clo write good stories
clo no emo = clo no inspiration


Because I haven't been emo in the longest time, this attempt totally failed. Not only it messes my head up, but my emotions are in a whirl. It's like I'm in this joyful joyous mood(as usual) but on the verge of emoing, but emotions can't reach emoness.


It's like you're on the edge, about to fall but the weight you have behind you pulls you back. You're neither here nor there.

Which puts you in a dilemma.
Should you fall or wait till you find your senses and hit the reverse button on your 4WD?

Sigh. I'll just compose and pick myself up. No emo today. No emo ever.

On another note/mind/emotions/head, I just watched Taeyang's Wedding Dress to see what's the fuss about. Yeah I know. Old MV. blah blah.

It something that I would usually say 'there are no words to describe it'. Maybe not.

okay. watch it now.

many apologies for not being able to embed it. Will try again. Since you're here, why don't you watch it if you haven't? It's got english subs =)

Read this when you've finished watching.

Taeyang looks like Rain Bi. Mata sepet and all. Probably Ron, at certain angles.
Wedding Dress is something like Jesse McCartney's Leaving. The singer asks the girl to leave the guy they are currently with for him. Unfortunately for TaeYang, the other guy marries the girl he loves. His friend is already with the girl and he seems to be the third party. TY and the girl were never in a relationship before this or else there would be awkwardness between them when he went to her wedding. And there is no way a person would ask her ex to play the wedding song on her big day.

now watch it again.

Then again, my theory on them not being together may be wrong or else why did he buy a ring? Guys, if you have not started a relationship with a girl, you wouldn't buy them a ring, right? Right? probably the directors didn't think of it.

Correct me if I'm wrong. But please don't go over the top with your theories on love because I may get irritated. I kid. I kid.

As philophobic as I may sound, the heart in me has grown pretty rock solid over the years. Probably harder than diamonds. Oooh diamonds!
If my heart turned into a blood pumping diamond...
I'll be rich and I'll be worth much more than I am right now. I'll sell them to buy bags!

I have no idea what just occurred in my head. Neither do you.

Never will I sell my heart for bags O___o
unless if they're diamonds. but my heart is sort of like diamonds.
coz they're solid.
like solid water.
solid like jelly.


I cracked my own joke and LAUGHED OUT LOUD.
Yeah, I'm that sad =D

never mind. This post is getting too long. I'll put it up on another blogpost =)

Kinda miss this feeling of spilling everything out on this blog. You know, random stuff. Stupid crap. Joys and sorrow. Not much of sorrow though. Mostly confusion.

Being 21 going on 22 in a few months time sure feels like being a teenager. You don't know where you'll be heading. UNLESS if you people have already headed I DON'T KNOW, UK, CANADA, US, AUSTRALIA, HONGKONG?

Nooo... I meant headed to what your career would be. not that it matters to me. thumbs up for cliche topic. I hope you have clicked on the red X button on your right (or left, you showoffmacusers) by now and not waste your time reading nothing down here.

MD-Boe/Mogensen vs Teo/Goh

There's always so much to watch when you have assignments. Luckily I attempted to begin assignments early.

Biased commentators =.=