Friday, 18 March 2011

High End Prost:

What is it in Shu Qi that makes men fall head over heels for her? If she's like Maria Ozawa (yes, guys, I googled her because you freaks wouldn't stop talking about her. You know who you monkeys are) then I'm not surprised, because Maria is super hot. Minus the fake boobs and all...

But Shu Qi... a few years ago, there were rumours about Lee Hom spending a night with her, and just now, I saw intimate pictures of Lam Fung with her. I may be wrong because Google Translate isn't always reliable but there are always key words that would patch the whole thing up.

High end prostitute? I'm being biased now. I fail as a journalism student again. Ironically I'm taking Journalism Ethics this sem. heh.



NicholasIceGhost said...

Let me teach a little thing about men head over heel over random u think Paris Dumbton got famous? naked scene..take Shu Qi+ Naked boy. shu qi ok ok la..i seen her naked before..not surprised why men like her la..

Chloe said...

from what i understand in your post is that guys see naked women and fall head over heels over...their body?

ZI said...

people can be naked..but you need someone special to make you go WOW!!! maria is just that..MARIA OZAWA.

So now you know what we're talking about all this while.