Thursday, 24 March 2011


Dropped by Pyramid with Pik Wah. Spent so much till i dun wanna count.
PW paid for my Vietnamese lunch of Chicken Pho and spring roll.

Bought a coat and 2 bags and a shoe from Cotton On. A place i told myself i'd NEVER have anything to buy. RM100.

Bought a striped hoodie blouse and a circle purple scarf from F-21. Also a place i swore never to enter... until PeiYan dragged me into it one fine Pavilion Day. RM130.

Bought a LEATHER BAAAAAAAG!!!!! from Vincci which looks exactly like my purple Gap bag except that it's leather and brown and the side zip is on the other side and it has a different-ish shape and the interior is nicer. RM66. Sale, yo!

Came home to complete piling assignments and everytime i think of ths stuff i bought and the ones to come(see previous 2 posts), my heart skips a beat.

Prized possession from Jela =)


Ar-Rasyid said...

awesome !!! :)