Thursday, 3 March 2011

A Mother Can Starve Baby While Breastfeeding

No kidding.

This 5 day old baby was crying non-stop and began to shiver. The sound of baby's cry spelt hunger. These are signs of starvation. Mother was puzzled because she breastfed baby a few times a day. Upon calling a professional, she then realized that she shouldn't go on a diet at such an early stage after giving birth. What she expressed from the breasts were just diluted milk, and she was breastfeeding baby with the nothing she ate.

okthanksforreading and it'smypleasuretogetyoupotentiallygrossedout. Hee...

Going back to proofreading the BM version of mum's book. =)


JELA said...

guess im gonna have to get your mom's book when i'm pregnant! that's eye opening!

Chloe said...

when you're pregnant, you won't only get the book. i'll make sure my mum sees you n your baby until SHE is one. it would be nice if you could have a baby girl. so i can buy little girl dresses for her =DDDD

*ooh!!! excited already*