Friday, 11 March 2011

These Four Walls

I somehow fins WongFuProductions' videos, especially their short films unbelievably inspiring. Just watched Philip's "The Places We Should Have Gone". But comparing to the shorts done by Wesley, I prefer Wes' because you can't spell aWESome without WES. I kid.

Wes' short films are more subtle and less straight forward. They will take you on a journey that brings you to details one never notices. They tell a tale that brings your thoughts to deeper depths, trying to decipher the message he is trying to convey. Even the simple These Four Walls moved me to tears. haha.

I love how he is able to connect so many sceneries from so many places he visited with his brother just by using a pinwheel.


A quickie:
Is it normal for one to suddenly be very quiet, refuse to communicate and give one word answers?

P/s: Am addicted to K-Drama SungKyunKwan Scandal. It's probably the best K-dramas I've ever watched. Either that or I'm getting used to them. =/
TeeVeeBee!!! Pleasepleaseplease come out with better dramas or else they will sway me to 'The Other Side". Hee...

Oh andandand i like Park Min Young. If she's not pretty, I dunno what is.


NicholasIceGhost said...

no it's not..i do it sometime..remember at one time where i refused to talk to anyone of u n sat quite far away in class..i guess sometime each individual require required..16gb at least, bitches(Marcus)..

mariano lorenzoni said...

Hey, beatiful blog, congrats! And really, the video is softly awesome. :)