Monday, 18 April 2011


forms are a pain in the ass. Nevermind about that. Here's a bigger shit for you to digest:

There is this column whereby tax payers need to fill in their wedding date if married. I asked mum. She couldn't remember so she hentam one date. Then I decided to ask dad. He pulak hentam another date different from mum's.

So dad had this idea to ask mum to check the wedding ring because the date is engraved on the inside of the ring. Mum said it's far away, she malas to get it. Which is true because she hid it somewhere. When dad left the room, she asked me if i was keeping the ring anot.

So, in order to fill in the correct wedding date in the tax form, she had to go look for her cert to check. Third time in 3 years.

Gotta love my parents's love! O.o

Currently proofreading the last chuck of mum's book. The BM version one. I can officially be a good parent now that i've actually read a A WHOLE PARENTING BOOK in BAHASA MALAYSIA AND IN ENGLISH. That means i can be a good parent TWO TIMES BETTER THAN YOU!
Or i can be a good parent to two children.
the 3rd child can be a twat.

i learnt that word from Grace's latest tweet:
Totally contradicting yourself. Why? You weird twat!

Which totally made me LOL so hard. I dunno why.

Jela, I like your outfit today(or yesterday). The whole combination of the white capris and the nice collar top with the black stylo bag with pearls. Don't think i told you... =)


off to assignment number one out of seven. all due after the 2 weeks sem break =(