Monday, 9 May 2011

Have i told you that i must not wake up in a bad way? Coz it will just spoil the rest of my day.
Definition of 'bad way':
A) having someone shout at me(usually while trying to bulldoze me outta bed)
B) having to stomach emotionally straining the night before ie: shocking news, etc
C) bad music.

'C' is a new category. Just added today. Before i slept, i was downloading some podcasts to listen so i decided to leave itunes on shuffle.

When dad woke me up, dbsk's ' Holding Back The Tears' was playing and yes, it is an emofying song.

That aside, i'm pretty excited about today's presentation. So i got some sort of adrenaline rush.

So remember i woke up on the wrong side of bed? Coupled with this low emotions, it feels like jumping up n down for joy in quick sand. If that makes sense.

Hee... I shoukd concentrate in class now. 10.27am.