Wednesday, 11 May 2011

So i haven't been sleeping in the mornings. only 2-3 hours of afternoon naps. sorry if i keep repeating myself. never done it before. not for a whole week inna row.m so still psyched. as mary calls it- 'kebaruan'.

This feeling is indescribable.
my head feels extremely light. it's like it's empty ;D
Serious shit. it's so light it's like i've shaved my head or something.
so loving this feeling.

andandand, the appetite seems to float away together with the weight of my head. *looks forward to wear jeans*. A meal a day for the sake of eating. the body feels lighter. exactly like after a good work out. double light!!!

Digital Storytelling video due later. background music needs to be changed. Vanessa Hudgen's Promise and Whatever Will Be is too slow now. Needing a song that has a touch of comedy because my emo storyboard has been MISinterpreted as a comedy by EVERYONE. Emofail.

I wanna wear those british mini hats. or some headpiece. i tried one on. loved it. but it wasn't for sale. so i stuck it back on the maniquin's neck coz it didnt have a head.

Reason for these whole load of worthless blogposts: followed 'DamnFunnyGuy' and 'TheRandomWords' on twitter, and no kidding, they tweet funny shit. but they tweet like almost every minute of the day, then my timeline is suddenly so flooded, i got intimidated. Not that it makes any difference to my follower's timeline. Heh. Then i teringat hardly anyone reads my blog and no one will be harmed if i spam the hello blog again.

and characters aren't limited to only 140.

currently lying on the floor. bed filled with bags, clothes n towel. i iz untidy like that. i rather be on the floor than to put my stuff on the floor. yes i treasure them that much. as much as i know i'll never pick them up.


wei vern said...

Pls sleep after all ur assignments r over.

The brand uniquo really nice?? I must go. Hehe!! It's from japan right.