Friday, 3 June 2011

Why, thank you!

Ps: 'he's damn cute' refers to AdamLambert.

Pps: typo/grammar @ my reply.

Ppps: the dude is my buddy from Port Dickson since f4.

Pppps: diberi betis, nak peha jugak. PingJing(not his real name) ahem, ZiQuan(not ENTIRELY his realreal name either) asked me to say that he is 'cute'. Jealous of AdamLambert kot. Haha.
Sayang u la lalaboy.

Ppppps:he's got a hawt korean gf =D


Anonymous said...

nice nice nice!!! he really so cute~ XD
but why u call him lalaboy? sound lk guai zai only~ =)

Chloe said...

wow, lalaboi, i'm VERY sure anonymous is NOT you.