Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Kdramas>HK dramas= HK dramas > Kdramas

because K-dramas aren't realistic. They make you believe that ANYTHING is possible. And their stories make you feel all fluttery inside.

HK ones are more practical. But they make more sense. and more consistent. HK drama people don't 'have a candlelight dinner at a restaurant, drink lots of wine, get into the car, stop the car and puke in broad daylight'.

They also don't go to a villa for a holiday to terserempak with another couple who were on the same plane as them, and drive their OWN car around the island.

Remember i said i wanted to watch Yes Sir, No Sir? I'm watching it now. Episode 1. Spent about < 20 hours on Mischievous Kiss. Shallow plot. Shallow script, Shallow characters. Disliking the fact that i think i may have enjoyed it.