Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Uh huh.

As much as I'm in love with City Hunter, the characters Kim NaNa & Yoon Seung's chemistry and Park Min Young & Lee Min Ho as individual actors, I have a strong feeling that there are possibilities that the relationship is fake. A total hoax.

The producers probably anticipated the lesser people accepting the last two episodes because they killed the upright prosecutor Kim Young Joo in episode 19 and did not wrap the love story between both main actors in episode 2, so in order to satisfy the fans, they made them date in real life to make everyone happy.

Honestly, ending such a highly rated drama with the two starring staring at each other without doing anything? Where were they? When was it? A year later? Two years later? Timeline please. What about the last scene? Why was he driving to no where? Where was she? What about the president?

It baffles me as to how the producers give City Hunter a loose ending. Way-oh?

So back to my theory. No one is satisfied with the ending so they dragged the real lives of the actors into it to stop complaint letters from overflowing the office and into the studio. Probably their super canggih Korean technology computers kept on lagging and hanging due to spam mail asking them to explain the ending.

Making bonus vids and posting them on Youtube isn't a bad idea.

Coming up with bonus episodes to re-wrap the ending like Playful Kiss(Kim Hyun Joong & Jung So Min) might be too time and money consuming.

The solution? I imagine the stressed out producer scratching his already balding head, loosening up his maroon tie from his white coffee stained semi tucked out shirt and throwing his brown tweed coat to the ground (ala angry Korean guy style) and pointing to both actors who are sitting on his couch, too cracking their heads to find a solution, saying "YOU and YOU go date in real life". The two actors look up staring at him and then at each other awkwardly and reluctantly agree in order to save the production house and bring in more revenue because one of them needs the money so badly to save a sick mother in a hospital. They took a deep breath and stood up, putting on shades and decided to go downstairs hand in hand risking being the victim of blinding paparazzi cameras and vicious jealous fans.

Bleh. I just came up with a cheesy Korean drama.

I now am beginning to feel that their relationship is none of my business. And whether they date or don't date shouldn't concern me either.

What bothers me is that a few months down the road, after City Hunter promotours etc, , if the couple is rumoured to break up or claim that they have no time for each other or *insert usual celebrity breakup reasons here*, I would feel so cheated. But i'll click on this blogpost and read again and say "HAH! I TOLD ME SO!"