Monday, 24 October 2011

Taxi from ionowhere to the Hotel

All taxis have this protection/privacy thing.
Probably to give the passengers privacy.

This driver is mad. MAD i tell ya. Then again, all of their drivers are mad.

AT the traffic light, green light means go. Red light means go faster than the other cars from other directions to avoid getting hit. This man was swerving like some Motor GP riders(i said motor. not car) and us passengers behind were flung from one side of the taxi to the other, having our faces smashed to the windows each time he makes a turn.

Surprisingly, the car was pretty smooth. Smoother than the Toyota taxis in Bangkok and the engine did not make any sound.

This taxi driver is the first white mice i try my mandarin on.
"Zhi ge shi shen mo che" Piease don't mind the pinyin. Direct translation: What car is this?

"zhei ge shi kung si de che...something something" he said that this car belongs to the company and there are no one owns a taxi.

He didn't answer my question. I stretched my neck to see if there is the car logo on the steering wheel.

It did. I was surprised because after that, i looked out of the window only to realize that every other taxi in Shanghai is a...

No shit.