Saturday, 29 October 2011

Nanjing Road

Finally able to slot some time in between life to post some pics of my trip to Shanghai. This is Nanjing Road, a pretty neat tourist spot which i visited on the first night. Many apologies of the picture composure hurts your eyes. I was too excited to be patient and started snapping like nobody's business like a Japanese. Racist joke. =__=

Pictures are not in order because they're uploaded via the Blogger app and i dunno why the app loves jumbling up my pictures. I'll try to rearrange them. But there's no more space in my phone and i can't snap anymore new pics and i'm dying to upload them all because i wanna delete them off my phone and i can't remember if i have transferred them all to my comp because i'm too lazy to check even if it's just minimizing this page and check if there is a new folder on my desktop because i keep everything on my desktop.


The first picture i snapped at/of Nanjing Road.

A really cute roadsign.

An aquarium with turtles and skarks :)

Walking and snapping at the same time. Like a Boss:
Hugeass Apple store with a sea of people flooding the shop. It's like they are throwing out free apples or something.

The tram that brings us from one end of the road to the other.
If you notice, the road is not tar.

Random shots.

Blur because he rolled down as I hit the camera's snap button.
No fate. Not even in China.

The manhole cover? Is it called manhole?
Just took one picture of this because it's 1989.

Fish noodles.
My first taste of Shanghainese food. And the last.
My other meals were hotel breakfast and Japanese food.

i'll post something about China food if time or my laziness permits.
And it involves eating pork.
The thought of it makes my stomach churn. Ugh.

Here's a self shot at Haagen Daaz. Yup. Ice cream when it's 20Celcius outside.
Rum & Raisin < 3

The MRT station:
The 'insert ticket' thing before going downstairs to catch the train.

A vending machine for MAGAZINES!

The only thing I miss about China is the weather.
I love the fact that you put on your coat outdoors and take em off when you get indoors. Unlike here, you take wear the thinnest possible indoors to avoid getting baked in sweat and take everything off when you're outdoors to avoid being burnt toast.