Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Sooo... Being Producer for the news bulletin last week gave me a smallsense of achievement. =)

Here are a few pictures from our usual camwhore routine:

Left to right: Jen, Azie, Florence, Waikuan and me.

Flo and waikuan

Script i prepared =D

The rest of us who did not oversleep nor skip class.

Victor and Amirul

Attempting the fish-eye effect i found at the side of the swirly chair Jen was sitting on while i was on the floor.

My presenters.

Everything went on exceptionally well. We wrapped up everything under an hour, as opposed to the situation last week whereby we took an hour plus to figure why the mikes were not working and why the voices were not recorded.

aaand... except for the fact that my technical producer overslept...

twas a pretty fruitful day, i must say.