Friday, 11 November 2011

Lunch at Starbucks for the next two weeks.

Collecting 15 watchamacallits for the 2012 planner.

Here's my trick. I'm damn cheapskate i tell u. 15 cups of tall(smallest size) coffee will easily cost RM150 before you are able to redeem the organizer. And that is IF you have their tumbler. If not a normal frap will be about RM14? Hmm... Forgot.

Soooo....assuming you do have the tumbler, order the tall Americano, RM5. Go home, pour your own milk and enjoy. TADAAA!!!

So do that 15more times and you'll get your organizer! :D

Now they've got this prepaid card system. Top up a minimum of RM20 to get the card. RM100 and they'll give u a card holder.

So since they don't use the stamps anymore, iono what is it called. So i said i'm collecting whatchamacallits :D

BYTHEWAY, their cranberrychickensandwich IS TEH BOMB. It's like eating chicken that's gone bad because the cranberry gives it that sour zing. But the chicken smells gooood. Sour cranberry is in the brown bread. Got the 20% student discount for it and my blueberrycheesemuffin. That girl gave me 'RM2 tumbler discount' instead for my sandwich a few posts ago. Trolollolllll!!!!!

My tumbler below contains iced passion tea. RM7. Refreshing, thirst quenching, tasty. It's addicting.

This post sounds like an ad. =____=

Wait till i get my planner then we'll see if my addiction is still there anot. Last year's pattern was nicer. It had a man on a couch with a piping hot cup of coffee debossed onto it's brown leather-looking cover.

This year's cover is white with half of the medusa on it. nice but not nice.


My lego planner how? =/