Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The social outcast becomes a tv presenter/model. The ugly ducking gets a hot boyfriend. The students which the teachers had high expectations on are enjoying life, not working, nor doing anything. Oh life's irony. 

Who knew that this girl whom no one liked for her aiksy attitude would climb up the popularity ladder so quickly.
Who knew the girl whose love got rejected more than five times would end up with a celebrity-looking guy. 
Who knew that the top students would be bumming around at home partying all night instead of looking for a proper job.
Who knew that the girl who rejected more than ten guys would remain single till today.
Who knew the teacher's pet is working as a salesman.
Who knew the ugly spotty faced braniac is pretty and posing in front of the cameras now.
Who knew the quiet girl would have such loose legs.
Who knew the girl who did so badly in all her subjects would be a med student.

Why didnt the tall and pretty girl go into the modelling line? 
Why didnt the football pro play for the malaysian team? 
Why arent the LK students in architecture? 
Why is the motherly looking girl not married yet? 
Why why why?

And i ask myself these every single year, every single time their posts magically appear on my facebook homepage. I remain in shock. I shall remain in shock because i know as years pass, i'll definitely be in for a bigger shock. 

My assumptions failed me yet again.


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Stormy Hills said...

this is amazing and soo true the world has gone right side up :S and yet still....

Abigail ~ said...

This is good and startling true.
The only thing that's certain is uncertainty.


Mohammad Shohag said...

Good Think

Anonymous said...

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Don't know if you'll see this comment anyway.

Good luck.

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