Saturday, 18 March 2006

Desserts Spelled Backwords Is Stressed

Let's face it. It's the end of the skool hols and sku's gonna start in 2 days' time. Heck, I've still got 8 moral essays, 4 english essays, modern maths and add maths to do. Where did all the time fly to? During this freakin short hols, al I can remember I did was laze around the house and do absolutely nothing. I've really gotta change this nonchalant attitude before it gets worse and worse and as SPM draws near, I wont be able to study because I won't give a freakin damn on whether I work as a garbage collector or a dinky secretary in a small company nor would I care if I stay in a... DAMMIT!!! I'm losing it. I've seriously gotta get hold of myself and start studying- after I publish this blog.

I hate homework. I hate the Malaysian education system. It is widely knows as the-government-exams-that-stresses-the-students-a-hell-lot. When I was in my PMR year, I even attempted suicide, but nobody found out. Why? Heck! Itz because I'm not dead! DUH~
Stuff like these are kinda like killing us mentally. We carry boulders upon our shoulders and walk around with it nomatter where we go or what we do. And what do we do after the exams are over? We dump them in the dumpsite. Heck! So the 22 months of stress is just worth a few pieces of paper.
I say we should do something about it!
I say we should make a stand and let ourselves from these toture!
I say it's about time for us to say something about it!
I say it's time for me to go study -.-

I need some time out.
I need space.
I need freedom.
I want my life back!!!