Friday, 17 March 2006

"I'm A Good Girl, I Am"

My trip to KLCC today was a blast. I shopped to my heart’s content and bought myself… Absolutely nothing. Please, don’t give me that stare. I’m not used to people staring at me. Oh, so you DO wanna stare eh? *adjusts hair* So… where’s the camera? *smiles and poses*. The telephone rings... "Hello? Jesse McCartney? Tell him he'll have to wait." *and flings hp away*. Why get out of the spotlight that I'm in now? Oh, you were asking...? I just bought:
-3 teddy bears (RM3.99 each)
-1 scented candle (RM5)
-2 mags (RM5 each)
HECK!! I don’t even feel like myself anymore!
I spent less than RM 50 ON A KLCC TRIP!!!

I repeat: A KLCC TRIP.
Wad da heck is wrong wif me?!
I see pigs flying… I see cows flying… I see Mary flying too haha (La La, no offence ok?)

I'm going to faint. I see stars... I see you... I see me too... @.@

Someone said something to me... But I wont share it with u... Neh x5
Someone else said something else... I won't share it either... Neh x5

This is a quote I noticed in a korean drama series and would like to share with you:

"If the early bird gets the worm, then what will happen to the early worm?" -korean actor in The Successful Story Of a Bright Girl

"There are many fishies in the sea... But why eat other fish when u like salmon?" -Chloe (me!)

Itz Friday at 2.21am now... been typing this since yesterday... >.<

-Watch 'My Little Bride'
-Watch Pride again
-Watch Raymond Lam sing and act
-Watch Ron Ng sing, dance and act
- Lots more watching to do... Life is so hectic...

Gotta skitter!!!