Monday, 13 March 2006

Frontwater? Anyone?

It's a mess.
It shouldn't turn out like that
Everything backfired.

It's a mess.
How did this transpire?
Why did it happen?
How could I know the ending
from the beginning?
If I knew, I would shut up,
won't I?

It's a mess.
It's a free country
It's a messy free country
A messy one for me

It's a mess.
Where are you?
Don't leave me
I hate being alone
Not here. Not now.

It's still in a mess.
All I want is a little support.
Enough to let me go through it.
Just a small drop
Is all I'm asking for

I shall leave it
I pleaded
I cried
No one came
I'm stunned
I'm stumped
No one turned up
I'll shut up
I'll run
I see people with open arms in a distance

Nobody move.
Don't look for me under the blanket
with that sorry face.