Sunday, 12 March 2006

Reach [Not] The Wind

The wind comes when it’s unwanted
But leaves when help is needed
It leaves its trails wherever it goes:
Cool breezes on verdant hills
In the cotyledon
Of the young green shoot
It does create a stir sometimes
And the aftermath isn’t a pretty sight

The wind is just another element of nature
That does no good to anyone, sometimes
It kept a distance from the shoot
After leaving it swaying with uprooted roots
It isn’t included in the photosynthesis process
So the young green shoot can survive without it
It is just a cameo to the shoot
An important element,

Unimportant at all
That the shoot wants to bypass and forget
For it just leaves memories
Memories that mean nothing.


roberts de sharon said...

itz nice! n since when ure so scientific?!

chloe said...

well, itz not scientific ler... itz juz an analogy... or wateva 'logy' it is... neva been able 2 diffrenciate all da 'logies'...
Wrote it two sundays ago tho... so things may change during the two weeks.