Wednesday, 15 March 2006

Kai2, Experience and Bullshits

My friends ditched me and went to Mid Valley!!! And I so badly wanted to go!!!
Humph… I shall keep my cool coz I’ll be going to KLCC TOMORROW!!!!! HAHAHA!!!

Itz MUCH better!!!

I think I’m just not ready for these sorta stuff.
“It’s something like the sun sees not till heaven clears,
My eyes see not till it’s opened,
The handphone sees not till it’s being switched on,
The handbag sees not till the plastic is removed.”
I prefer to fly alone in the big blue sky while watching the other birds pass by. I realized it ages ago, but somehow I didn’t listen to my instincts and went my own way, despite being warned. Thanx guys… *hugggzzz* but I think I’ll get out of this bullshit myself.

Jin’s younger brother went missing and everyone was on a search hunt. Adrian and Chong helped and his elder brother’s friends were cycling everywhere, looking for him. There were cycling all over the place but in vain. There were thunderstorms when I got the news. I was worried till I kept on eating (coz I eat a lot when I’m under a certain pressure), and then the sms I’ve been waiting for… his bro wuz found!!! Wee~ Finally~ after more than 4 hours? Right? Dunno…

I’ve got lots to say, but am not in the mood to blog now so I’ll just leave the space below empty- to be filled out when I’m free…



chloe said...

U're 4given... N I wuz pretty sure I wuz allowed 2 go...

Nvm... Leave it...