Monday, 24 April 2006

First Day of The Week

24th of April 2006

I don't like the title of this post either. It's just so blah. Don't you just hate titles that has no meaning, like this post has?

I'm not going to type anything that tells you I have got nothing to type here because I do. I've got lots to tell you (atashichloe) but I just don't know where to start.
First, I just realized that I got fooled. Fooled by some stupid fool. He's not worth typing in my blog. Jin might know who I'm reffering to.
Nevermind that.

Will ponteng sports day and go to Summit or Sunway Pyramid with my friends on Thursday. Just hope I'll have enough cash to sustain me throughout the trip as I'm pretty broke this month.

Ron Ng Cheuk Hai has already produced two albums: The Fast Pass and Fastforward. It's really sad that they don't have it here in Malaysia because I would buy two copies each! If I have the cash -that is. They should compile a cd of all of Raymond Lam Fung's songs. If they do, I will definately buy it without a shadow of doubt.

I think I'll stop blogging here because if I continue, I'll just bore you to death and you won't bother to visit Fireworks Are Beautiful anymore, and I can't afford that. A hefty price to pay. Yup. I treasure each and everyone of your efforts to reading my whining.
I think I've got to change my title for my blog. Fireworks ARE beautiful, but the meaning behind it isn't strong enough, and as you know, even my email address, 'distantpride' denotes something. The 'pride' isnt just a mere Japanese drama I love so much and the 'distant' doesn't mean 'extent of space between two points' they both have their own special meanings behind it.
Do you want to know what do they mean? Maybe I'll just save it for my next post. Remind me to tell you, ok?

I shall go for a nice cold shower on this hot day, eat dinner and then resume my fanfiction I've been delaying for so many months. Or maybe I'll just settle down in the air-conditioned room with a good book to read.