Friday, 5 May 2006

Not The Best, Nor The Worst

It's me again. Who else would it be?

First of all, I would appreciate it if you would congratulate me for getting banned from goin online for two whole weeks. Thank you.
And if you're wondering why am I still here, well, I asked my mum, the woman who sentenced me to this ban, for permission. Ironic.

Secondly, it's my turn to congratulate the Malaysian badminton team and wish Wong Choong Hann all the best to get well soon. Hehe...

Today, for chemistry, we did an experiment on whether latex would clod in acid or alkali. It did. In acid. The latex clodded into a piece of tough rubber which I played with it for a while and now, my hands stink of etanoik acid. Trust me, you wouldn't want to sniff my hands.

I've been blog hopping and comparing to what I read and what I write, there's such a distinct difference that aven the colourblind could differenciate the difference between green and red. In other words, my 65 marks out of 80 for essay writing is nothing.

I am sooooo addicted to Net Deception.

A few friends asked me if I wanted to stay up for I didn't. In case you're wondering what's that, it's actually an hour 2 minutes and three seconds after the 4th of May '06 which everyone gets their adrenalin pumping, then dies down the second after. Every second is the same to me. Nothing but time changes. Gold bars don't start falling on my head, I don't suddenly turn into a super-model sized body, my exam grades aren't getting better, and I certainly don't see Raymond Lam Fung beside me. So, what's the big deal?

I hate self-praising, but I PLAYED WELL at basketball today!!! During PJK(Physical Exercise) just now, we had a game of basketball and I could play much much better comparing to the time when coach was around. Ish... I better stop praising myself too much here or else you people will get jealous. Of me.

It's almost the end of the EPL and Bolton is still in the top 10. WOOT~

I better stop typing a sentence for each paragraph because there are so many people out there who doesn't know how to write in paragraphs, and what am I doing here? Wasting paragraphs like nobody's business. I better start saving paragraphs for rainy days. No, I'm not losing my mind. I'm just late for a date with Kuan Beng Hong against his Danish match. I think I'm falling for Hafiz Hashim. I did fall for him once, last year, but he's just so...yeng. Or maybe it's just because he looks like Ron.

Gotta skitter. Catch me anywhere where there are the following...
-Jacky (Net Deception)
...and I'll be there.

I'm soooo addicted to Net Deception...

I'm back. What a bummer. It's Lee Chong Wei playing. Sod it. Chong Wei is just for Pik Wah. Not me. I guess I'll just have to take up some of your time to continue my whining about everything, but fortunately for you, I'm feeling pretty sleepy now, so I'll just call it a day. A blog I mean.



Jin said...

Liverpool is above Bolton!

Pam said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Pam said...

Just liked i promised...
Hahah..Darn it..
I that day oni realise dat u can choose whether U want a "Blogger" or anonymous somebody to comment...
Crap..Now i remembered wat i wanna tell u dat day..but it seems dat u noe ledi...
Haiz..Shit.keep typing wrongly..dats y i removed d 1st one...wth..