Monday, 29 May 2006

Especially For You

Wondering why I'm still here huh? Well, I came here JUST to publish a post especially for you readers eventhough I'm serving my sentence while thunder is booming my eardrums, and lightining striking on the car alarms.

I didn't have time to double check my previous post, so I'll clear some things up here-that is if I can remember what I posted, thanks to the amnesia I've got which is becoming more prominent these days.

I find the word 'whatever' extreamly rude. Even ruder than fuck or shit or some chinese cursing words my friends use daily. Imagine doing someone a favour or telling someone something, then that fella gives you a 'whatever' as a token of appreciation. *starts cursing in chinese*

Oh ya! Now I remember. The prefects' crap thing! About that, remember I mentioned that we have to sing 3 songs: Mungkin Nanti, Bad Day(I think that's the title, heck, don't blame me, I hardly listen to English songs so when they first played it in Anjung Bestari, I was like O_____O ??? ) and Graduation.

I've got 'Graduation' stuck in my head now. And it goes (feels) like this:
As we go on,
We remember
All the times we,
had together
And as our lives change,
Come whatever,
We will still be
Friends forever

I lost a serious battle between me and 'how long can I go on this hunger strike'. *embarassed* Maybe I should choose an easier opponent next time.

I will update this post later when the rain stops, the lightning power turns off, and the thunder shuts up.

I'm back. Currently listening to Raymond's 'Remember To Forget' while chatting with Jin about me having vulgar words in my blog. I do. I just did.
In case you have amnesia too, here are some easy step by step instructions to follow:
#1- Please grab the mouse with your right hand (left, if you are a lefty)
#2- Scroll up about an inch or two
#3- Open your eyes wide (wider if your eyes are small) then you'll be able to see my very first vulgar word on my blog.

Told you it's as easy as 1-2-3.

Why do people even bother to nudge when the friend's status on msn messenger is put to 'busy'? There wouldn't be a slightest difference.

My grandaunt is back from a short holiday to Penang. The minute she entered the house, none of us had peace at all. So much for my peaceful holiday. I'm pretty excited about going to Taiping. Though it's just a small town in Perak, and the shopping malls aren't actually malls, but we'll be going there by bus and coming back by train at night. I've got a declaration to make. Maybe I'll declare in my next post.

I've gotta get off the computer before my mum returns and finds me in front of the laptop.
Signing out~



roberts de sharon said...

wahsai...u goin to taiping n u din even tell me?? ganasai u..!!!

chloe said...

Wasai~ i din tell any1 oso~ count urself lucky coz u read from my blog. Other unlucky people dun get 2 u kno?

*perasanness overcame*

Pam said...

Count urself lucky that yr goin sumwhr ler...
Nt goin penang ah?
check out the leng chaiz thr ma... XD

chloe said...

*crosses fingers* I do hope tht thr r leng chais at Taiping too... haha

roberts de sharon said...

as we go on
we remember
all the things we
had together
and as our lives change
comes whatever
we will still be
friends forever