Saturday, 27 May 2006

Not So Much Of a Holiday

"Come on everybody give me something to dance. Say hey ey! Oh oh!" -Lee Hom (Wang Mei De Hu Dong)

I'm having my holidays now!! There is nothing better than kicking back and relax during this two whole weeks and watch Pride. Again. WOOT~
Where's my Pride? Oh yea! That's right! KC borrowed it. Darn!

I'll be having my two weeks holiday and my schedule will be filled up with absolutely nothing. On the second week, I'll be going to Taiping, Perak for a few days. So, don't miss me during that period of time or think that I was abducted and sold to some brothels in Thailand or something.

We (the form 5 prefects) had a rehearsal in the Anjung Bestari (heck knows why they would name that room Anjung Bestari. Our school better come up with more creative names other than that and 'Citra' for our school mag *rolls eyes*) for the installation day (penyerahan tugas) on heck-knows-when and we had to sing 3 songs.

The stuff I typed above was typed on Saturday. Now I'm currently at the cyber cafe. I'm on a hunger strike because my parents won't let me go online till after SPM. I wonder how long I can last (not eating). My parents were eating at the coffee shop and I didn't want to eat with them so I asked for permission from my dad if I could hop over to the cybercafe to update some stuff. Well I did actually want to...but the word's not update. I can' find the word now. My mind's full of vulgar words, cursing the whole world for causing me to be banned from coming online for 7 months. Heck! She just robbed me of my one source of entertainment, hobby, socializing(knowing that I don't really like to socialize with new people face to face), and my source of communicating.

As if that's not enough, my friend just told me that she'll be going overseas for more than a month! I almost burst into tears when she broke the news.

Just got a call from my dad indicating that I have to go now. Hopefully I'll be able to see you people before 2007.

Chloe, crying out


Pam said...

Heyz...sorry for the late comment oh...
Nvm la...
U think I start studying liao ar?
Havent mood la..