Thursday, 11 May 2006

Limited Cyber Cafe Vocabulary

I'm currently at the cyber cafe wondering what to do with my time here. There's nothing much I can do but to blog. Blog, blog and blog more. Games? Nah... No thanks... Mary left for home, Pik Wah left for school, and me, I'm left here all alone at computer number 14 typing everything that comes across my mind. I don't want to go home yet. There's nothing to do at home. Afterall, tomorrow is a public holiday, so what's the rush?

I'm freezing here, thanks to the air-cond, and I'm sitting around 10 steps away from the guys- KC, Tinesh, Zi Yang, Kelvin and Saaravana. Can you hear them shouting? I'll transfer the sounds to words for you.
ZY: Run! Faster run!
Srvn: Die! Shit!
KC: Die aredi! Screw you lah!
Kelvin: Aiyaaa!!!
KC: Nooo!!! Babi!
Srvn: Haihyoo! Die lah! Babi!
Tinesh: Wad r u doin?!
Srvn: Oihyooo KC! I wanna shoot you, then I go tekan da wrong place. Hit you ar?
KC:Hit, but I din die.
Tinesh: All run lah!!

The conversation continues with those few words in their vocab so I decided to listen to some Lam Fung songs here while typing this with my frozen fingers which keep on hitting on the wrong keys.
Stupid cyber cafe speaker. Making my Lam Fung's songs sound so horrible.
Jin just arrived. Sitting at the pc beside mine. I'm oblivoius to what's happening around me. I've got my Lam Fung songs with me, I'm happy.

I've been here looking at pointless stuff for around 138 mins and who knows how long I'll still be here.

I just burped. Pardon me.

164 minutes and counting. I hate it when a stranger smells like me. There's this person who keeps on walking behind me carries the same scent as me. Perhaps the same styling mousse for the hair to be precise. I'm addicted to a few songs:
-Wang Lee Hom's Wang Mei De Hu Dong (The Perfect Internship)
-Il Divo's Je Croise En Toi (I Believe In You)

Damn! Mum's switched to her irritating mood. Damn! Damn! Damn! Got to go back now. So I can't finish blogging.

Chloe signing out at 200 minutes...


Jin said...

114 minutes and counting. This must have been the first time I'm in a CC this long. 31 minutes left till tuition but it's raining heavily outside. Guess it's going to be a repeat of last week where I skipped Chemistry cause it's raining.

chloe said...

Anyway, I left at 200 mins n costs me RM8.50. Izzit a bargain or wad?

Pam said...

Too bad ur lamfung songs spoiled by those awful speakers huh?