Wednesday, 10 May 2006

"Sexist Betul"

I hate being a fifth former. It's all about deadlines, presentations and projects. Not to mention homework that I have no clue of what they're asking my brains to dig out. Out of the blue, without any warning given, we were asked to prepare for English oral on the following day. Long story... All I can say that I'm really pissed at everything that has to do with it. I'm pissed that I can't think of a good topic, I'm pissed that I didn't prepare it earlier, I'm pissed that the whole group (including me) has different tastes and point of views in everything until we can't agree on a single topic, I'm even pissed that we actually have to go through this whole thing!

After I'm done with English, as if she saw my squashed gooey brains blended with Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Add Maths, Maths, History, Moral, Bahasa Malaysia, EST, English, and English Literature isn't squishy enough, Pn. Minder joyfully loaded an extra burden (a.k.a. bloody pointless presentation/ forum) to my shoulders which has to be presented on the heck-knows-when with my group-Pamela, La La, Mercy, and Shu Leen.
I was branded 'sexist' by Adrian and Jin just for 'kicking' them out from the team. They're my friends, yes, I acknowledge that, but I should set my priorities right. Ok, I may not be as close to Mercy and Shu Leen than I am to them, but... but... OK!!! OK!!! I don't have a good excuse! So sue me! I don't give a damn!

Do you have any clue on what to talk about handphones because that's our topic for the forum. I don't, because my handphone serves me one purpose- to SMS. Or maybe to entertain me when I'm bored. Oh ya! That reminds me! My Z520i is still at the 'doctor's'. Back to the topic. There's only ONE solution for this. Put me under depression and I'll write 3 pages of stuff for you, but going through it (depression) is SO TOTALLY not worth it because nobody will appreciate or care what we crap about in front of the class. Actually, who wants to know about something that they already knew? Blame me for chosing that topic, but I'm sure it's better that talking about 'You Are What You Eat'. I eat chicken. Do I look like one to you? I look more like Chloe don't I? Does that mean I eat 'Chloes'?

With my 70+ year old grandaunt and 84+ year old granny arguing in the background, they're just contributing to the stress level I'm going through, and my head's pumping hard like someone is using two planks of wood and hitting it, one on each side. Stupid wisdom tooth chose to hurt now of all the time when I needed to bunk school. To make matters worse, TOMORROW IS OPEN DAY!!! Need I explain more?

Come to think of it, being a fifth former or not, sexist or non-sexist, I still have to go through stress. But I'm just starting to enjoy and appreciate life. So while I'm at it, I think I'll just stress out the people around me before my juniors do the same (to me) in the future.



Anonymous said...

oh ok
u r forgiven

Angela said...

haha!! i was like you -- so many things to do and complains a lot. but now i find that college is worse. few works deadline same. and they are included in the assesment. unlike secondary school works..just works and thats it. and yea, plagiarism is not allowed in college. so please enjoy it to the max in secondary school. haha!!

dont stress k?? I sayang you!

Pam said...

aye... cant be helped ok?
nvm la...eugene n adrian sure understand....i think...i hope...hehe... XD