Saturday, 17 June 2006

Another unfinished post

Currently at the cyber cafe. Stupid spacebar thingy isn't working.

I'm lazy to update my blog now because I just found something that caught my attention. The reviews for La Femme Desperado is out so I'll be wasting my blogging time reading it.

Mum's blasting me tru my hp sapekers. Buhbye


the Dark one said...

learned how to link up ppl yet?? or u wan me to ajar?...i dun ask much...1 MEAL!! ok? wtv i wan..then i'll teach u evrything bout html..kekek XD

chloe said...

Laugh go laugh, I still duno hw 2 link up yet... Wait... I go find out myself, den if kenot baru I ask u. manatau I waste my 'belanja-ing coupons' on sumting whc is easy? wait wait wait...

P/S: Been very busy lately, that's y I havent been updating my blog. Will do so when I get the chance.