Monday, 12 June 2006

An Update

I've made up my mind to not to finish up the post before this.

Today is the day which marks the day of my freedom-again. Haha!

Penyerahan tugas thingy was held today. I must admit that the form 4's performances were absolutely fantastic. They sang Nothing At All(by Ronan Keating) with Adrian, Timothy and Kevin playing the guitar in the background. So cool, so much better than us form fives screwing up the performance by standing at the wrong place, having stiff bodies, and bore the poor invited guests who were longing for us to get off the stage to death. Didn't join the other prefects for the jamuan at the canteen because I don't like the atmosphere where there are so many strangers.
No, Jin, am not turning into a Christopher from the book you gave me. I just don't like places where there are people I'm unfamiliar with(not don't know). In other words, I don't like socializing.
Heck, what's the point going up to someone, say 'hi', exchange e-mail addresses, being close friends, and add another birthday present to buy on my unending list.

It's a little late, but the students and teachers will be celebrating TEACHER'S DAY tomorrow. Talk about the one month delay. Can't wait to see the look on Chong and KC's faces when they have to play in some kinda telematch I signed up for them.

Wong's back from Ireland. Sneaking into the grounds of U8 tomorrow.
Angela's still running around in the United Kingdom. Miss you laa... I wrote you a comment in your blog -telling you here just in case you happen to stumble upon this page.

A very short post today, but heck, at least I updated you people...

Chloe, rolling off the chair comando style after hearing mum unlocking the door.


worm said...

hows ur gma?


roberts de sharon said...

we did not bad aight? heeeeeeeee~

chloe said...

Gma's doin ok..kua... I wun say she's very good(as in health) lor...