Friday, 9 June 2006

An unfinished post

HAHA, finally, the Chloe has returned...

...from a makan-non-stop trip... need I elaborate more?

I was showing my cancer-stricken grandmother some new clothes I bought when she suddenly told me 'wa ai tui choo liao'. Translation: 'I'll be going home'. I was speechless that moment and pretended that she didn't say anything and continued explaining to her why my black blouse is very nice and isn't too much on the sequins nor was it gawdy. She may get mixed up between reality and in her dreams, but for an ill lady who is 83 years old, she still knows how to nag on me not studying.

P/S: Will return soon with a finished post.


the Dark one said...

i dun get it~

but heck..know who i am!?!?!? nyyyek nyek nyek..i'll hit u if u dunno~

chloe said...

Nyek nyek nyek... dark one... Andrew Koh mar~ Nyek Nyek Nyek... I know u la, dark one... I hit u ok?