Sunday, 27 August 2006

I Wanna Find My Solace

Sorry people, was a little late updating you about me and all about me and my life.

It’s official. My paternal grandmother passed away on the 11th of August 2006, exactly two weeks before her birthday. My dad and I went were weren’t used to her not being around and it was pretty hard for us but I would like to thank everyone who were there supporting us throughout these times in terms of financial and moral support.
Thank you, daddy's side of the family, thank you, mummy's side of the family, thank you church members, and thank you friends for all you have done for us before, during and after the funeral.

I screamed over the phone at my dad that I didn't want to talk to him anymore and wept in my room. Felt weak and fell backwards. Thank goodness I was sitting on the bed. Goodness knows where my head would land if it wasn't for my new pink and purple comforter set. What I said to him hurt me so bad, I can't imagine how my dad is feeling now. After telling a couple of friends about it, I thought it was pretty stupid of me to do so. Daddy supposed to be home by now. I feel so guilty for saying that to him.
Long story on how that started. I don't want 2 talk about it for the time being. Please don't ask me about it.
Nope, false alarm. It's just the neighbour.

School reopens tomorrow after a week of holiday, then trials start, then the beginning of the long feared SPM. I dread the thought and sight of the spiteful 'THREE LETTER WORD'.

I've got my room painted sweet pink and lilac, same colour on 2 of the 4 walls. Whee~!

+++++++ +++
Don't ask me why I typed the 7 and 3 plusses. I've gone a little whacked in the head. I wish I was brave enough to do what I did to others.

I think I better log off now before I spam my place. Nitez people.

Chloe, logging out.