Thursday, 3 August 2006

You... Who Meant Alot To Me

Here is the poem I promised you when I was at the cybercafe:

You...Who Meant Alot To Me.
You've been with me for 5 years,
We've gone through thick and thin;
Many times in you I shed my tears,
Now I feel like you're under my skin.

In you I found trouble,
In you I found my pride;
Let me say this without a mumble,
Thank you for being there when I cried.

A yellow stain on your body,
I caused in the year 2002;
I apologize, I'm really sorry,
I hope the teachers didn't have a clue!

You owned the science labs,
You owned the classrooms;
The juniors looked like hermit crabs,
When the seniors swept them like brooms.

I'll be back,
You wait and see;
Just to visit you,
Well, maybe.

Thank you, I'm now not the same,
With all my pride I will create;
The very best of your name,
My beloved SMK USJ 8!

Written by
Chloe Yong

Inspired by Pride

How was it? Comments please... I owe you people another poem titled 'Let Go'.
By the way, this poem WAS inspired by a Japanese drama-Pride which I'm soooooo addicted to. I was watching the drama when I decided to write this poem, henceforth the inspiration.

In case you were wondering what was the 'yellow stain' in the third stanza, well, it all began when I was in form 1, we had to paint this Jalur Gemilang and hang it over the corridoors and the flag my class painted was to be hung near the stairs at block D.
The next day when I returned to school, to my horror, the yellow paint from the star and cresent came off and stained the wall which still can be seen from the tapak perhimpunan thanks to the short time we had and dumb shops who didn't sell yellow fabric paint so I had to buy Buncho-watercolour instead. Malunye~



Wong said...

Hmmm...some ppl respect the skol more than others,but i dont see a reason why tho.Duno,but to d extend of a poem?hehe..fanatism ledi.

the Dark one said...

why dun u move in with ur school leh~...liddat make a poem for me la..i might consider u as my wife lol...HOW ROMANTICA!!! *urks*

Jin said...

Wong agreed with Adrian that Zac Efron sounds like he has no balls when he sings Breaking Free, which I downloaded to let Wong listen to it and deleted soon after.

chloe said...

wong- not fanatism lar...i tiber2 semangat u8 coz of some dumb ppl who r so freakin mengada who mencaci u8 n i got cooked up coz as a student of u8, dey r indirectly caci-ing me. n i will nt let dat happen. so datz hw i got my semangat. makes sence?

andrew- andrwe, andrwe, i rather write a poem 4 lam fung instead. pffft. or ron.
RON'S 'GUTS OF MAN' is on astro chnl 30 ery mon-fri at 8pm. wndr when fung's nxt will appear. whee~

Jin-no point tellin me hw hsm sux. my ears r deaf.

Angela said...

y not write for me? =)
you love me rightttt? =)

chloe said...

JELA!!!! K la, write 4 u la... So far I did 1 4 skool, 1 4 'Feng'. Wait la whn I get inspirations thn i'll publish 4 u. ok?

angela said...

haha!! okay! =)