Friday, 29 December 2006

Christmas Supper

Mum cooked Christmas dinner for the first time in Malaysia.
(Gawsh I hate orange colour)

(24th of December 2006)
Much better. NooOoOOOooOooOooooOOOo~~~~~!!!!! My pictures are terbalikkkkkkkkk~~~!!!!!!!
Main meal starts from the bottom:

Cognag on fire on Christmas Pudding..

Christmas pudding which mum poured X.O. (cognag) all over in and set it on fire. Blue spaghetti is Tee Ee, Lois tee is Ean Ee, and the one in purple batik who looks like performing a 'touch-the-fire' stunt is my maternal grandma. Kids in the background are my cuzzies. Can't see face nevermind.

Jell-O with ice cream, whipped cream and strawberries on top. Behind are 3 artificial poppy flowers bought from Ikea.

Mum's roasted rosemary chicken with Clo's chiew pai (speciality dish) salad, [which I still owe Jin] and instant stuffing. Don't mind the wrong knife, we were out of proper ones.

It's already the 29th of December 2006. How time flies. In a few days' time, I will never get to write '2006' under 'date' anymore. From then onwards, it'll all be about 2007, 2007, 2007.
Written your resolutions yet? I haven't. I never write mine.
To me, resolutions like world peace, an end to poverty and war are for people who want other people to think that they'r humanitarians but don't do anything.
The Miss Universe pageant is also a waste of time. What a discrimination to those who weren't born pretty enough to make it there. What do they do? Charity work. Visit children here and there, take pictures that they care....
Shouldn't that be from the heart? If so, why all the cameras following her around? It will turn out as if she needs to do it because it's her job. So, she isn't genuine.
I'll just shut up.


Anonymous said... supper.Owh yea one more question,why wud u guys ;lite up the pudding pulak?

clo said...

Dont know... suppose my mum saw it on tv or sumting... but it sure did 'neutralize' the amount of alcohol.

kent said...

u vry happy on tat time>? sure la! u sure vry hapi o support to hapi. cz ur mom cook o.. gv me sure vry hapi hapi, lk the party o... i nvr hv tat b4.