Saturday, 30 December 2006

Japanized Ghosts

Went for Japanese with Chong, La La, Jin, Tinesh, Aaron n Tracy.
Venue: Sumo Restaurant.
Occation: Farewell Dinner for Tracy because she'll be leaving for NS this Monday.
Padahal: Makan, berborak, makan lagi and berborak aje.

Last minute plan didnt backfire. Whoo~ Good for you guys, Chong and Tinesh who managed to call us all and got us to agree before 5pm. Ahem, if it wasn't for us who turned up, this dinner wouldn't jadi laaa..... hehee.

I ordered Salmon with taugeh hidden at the bottom served with Japanese salad. Wasn't filling, so I ordered cold noodles. It didnt come with the raw quail egg nor was it cold enough. The best cold noodles I had were the ones in Washoku in Taipan and Shogun(Jap buffet) in 1 Utama.

Took some pictures of the guys while waiting for my dad to fetch me, Chong, Jin n La La home. Tracy went home earlier because she managed to get her parents, while we, Digi users can't seem to get anyone at all. So we were hanging around in the middle of the road. Chech out these eerie pics I managed to take. Taipan Business Centre is haunted (with us around la) I tell ya.

A figure walking towards the camera. Aaron extending hand to feel Tinesh who became hologram-ish. Chong looked on helplessly.

Jin's headless soul emerging from his small frame. Chong trying to save Aaron. Aaron had his hand held tight to his pants before Jin's headless soul pulls 'em down. Chong's head detached from his neck... An example of what will happen to teenagers who get flagged down by Ah Guas.



Andrew said...

LoL!!! i wan go there see!!!
im GhostBuster!!!

chloe said...

~Thr's sumthng strange...
in the neighbourhood...

u can c dem in skool whn we get our results back.

Jin said...

My head is cool.

kent said...

what comment support to write in hr le? he.. nxt time go thr tk more thrs pic la!! me cant go, huh.. dad onli go. nvm.. ur hse gt GHOSTBUSTERS WOW!!! haha..