Friday, 29 June 2007

Stupid Stupidity's Stupidness

I was reading a few friends' blog catching up with stuff I missed since March.
I don't feel like I felt being 18 this year.
I even felt like a stranger around my closest friends when I came back.
They said I don't talk much anymore.
Very unusual for Chloe.
Went out with Pris and Teddy on the 23rd.
Never talked that much eversince I came back.
Starting to be a blabber again.
I wanna be me.

No, my mum doesn't read my blog, and yes, she does know the existance of it but has no clue on what the address is.

You know, I have something nobody but you know.
You Were The Person
-whom i liked but never knew
conveniently made my heart skip beats just by looking at you
-whom i liked for ages
more than my dictionary punyer pages
-whom i thought of everyday
and held all my words that I can't say
-who made me feel important
as if that wasn't apparent
-who filled my mind with blissful thoughts
everytime i make myself un-bored
-whom i felt afraid of talking to
and made my friends irritated when i kept on talking about you
-who made me happy just by stealing glances at
(i cant make a sentence that rhymes with 'at')
-whom for many years I had waited
who made my life so darn complicated.

You Are Still The Person
-whom I don't like anymore
I can't believe I've been making my life such a bore
-whom I still think is cute
as smooth as the sound of a flute
I'm sick of waiting
My life isn't that complicating
Now that I don't think of you and I dating.
I'm almost over you, though I look forward to chat with you online or offline.

i didnt say hi, i'm just another girl whom you dont talk to. I guess you never noticed me. You totally forgot about me. You forgot the times when we talked to each other. To you I'm just a girl who goes in and out of class like anyone else. Please, I'm not invisible. All I wanted was you to notice me. I guess that doesnt matter much anymore, now that I'm not crushing on you.

This is stupid.
Everything is stupid.
Including my stupid poetry on stupidity.

Coffee makes me hyper physically but really depressed mentally.
Works everytime.

My language aint making any sense.

Spinning out,