Monday, 2 July 2007


Oh distant relative,
Please stop,
Just halt your crap and shove it
In that huge belly of yours.
Watch your temper
Stop your crap
Jaga that zygote
Don't drop it.

Oh pregnant woman,
Hold back your treat
I don't give a shit if it spreads to Canada
It always happens anyway
It's always my family that's spreading rumours
But note that the needle is pointing to YOUR side of MY family

DISTANT relative,
Although my grandmother isn't here anymore,
And I miss her so
But please,
Don't climb over our head
Don't step on our tail
Stop that threatening smses.
Stop disturbing my mum.

No doubt you are kind enough to come and see my grandmother,
shall I refresh your memory of what you did?
You said 'hi'
You asked 'hoh bo?'(how are you)
You commented 'wah...Chloe, you so big girl aredi arrr?'
You stated 'Wahh... the house so clean arr?'
You made my 3rd stage cancer stricken grandmother get the big pail from the back balcony just so your WHO KNOWS HOW HEAVY son can bathe. Please lah, you came to visit my grandmother because she was in her last days already. Then what? You asked for a pail.She was so weak to stand up but still she forced herself to do so JUST BECAUSE you're her relative and her guest.

I really love your mother-in-law and your aunties-in-law, and I REALLY REALLY REALLY, from the bottom of my heart appreciate what they did for me and my family throughout my life.
*bows with head low*

But YOU!
*shakes head*
Threatened my mum.
Sent LOADS of smses.
Call my mum when she was in the middle of work.
Want her to get fired kah?
Call my mum when she's resting.
Want her to fall sick kah?
Call my mum when we're out.
Want to disturb our family bonding kah?
Huh? When to call us arr? Didn't I just ask you to shove it?

You said to mu mum just now(2nd of July 2007)-"if I can't have her, no one can."

You passed with flying colours under the cateory:
Two faced
'Mm sek jo yan'-(tak tau jadi orang)

But who am I to judge you? So I take that back.