Monday, 23 July 2007

Orientation Week One

This sucks. I cant upload any pics here.

Anyway, feedback on my Putrajaya trip.
I took pictures.
We took pictures.
Everyone took pictures.

I cant show you the pretty pictures I took because I cant upload em here. ARGHHH!!!
Oh Pris, I found da card reader already.

Jas, Wei Vern, Sylvia, Gee Von n I were like sum kinda super psychos that camwhored everywhere. OK, got only 1 pic uploaded. Better that nothing, wad...

Syl, Geevon, and Jas posing on the very-long-escalator-that-they-happily-posed-for-my-camera.

That was orientation day4.

I dont know what to write about that day. I'm in a boring mood at the moment so I shall put the fullstop riiiiight here --->>> .

Can you see it? I put it in red so that it'll be clearer.

Chloe, yawning outta her blog.

I'm starting to watch the 9.30 show already!
Boo Ya!!!
I'm a happy girl again!


Pam said...

FINALLY~! an update!

chLoe said...

yeah!!! ^^

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