Thursday, 26 July 2007

Turn Left and Go Straight. Saw Boobs?

"Turn left, go straight, go 3 o'clock when u reach the roundabout."
Where are you now?
No, I don't want to go boob watching with you! You are one rude bugger!
That's how I ffk my blind date.

Cuzzies Char n Leah posing by the starring signboard in Taiping
Rule number one, never meet up with your blind date at a place with a weird name. Chose somewhere else like Jalan Precious or Jalan Best-Road-To-Meet-Blind-Dates

I wonder if parents actually consider what their child's name will turn out to be in a few years time.
Correct me If I'm wrong, but I doubt the word 'boob' existed a few years ago. Did it?
Who knows, the name 'Wern Jin' will end up meaning something like bootie or whatnot.

The point is before computers were born, 'mouse' just meant rodent, but now, mouse means... it means... owh heck look at what your right hand is holding now. That's a mouse.
Unless if you are using a handphone to surf this webbie with your right hand then of course your handphone isn't a mouse or it is a real mouse if you are surfing with your handphone on your left hand and holding a guinea pig on your right hand but people don't call guinea pigs mouse.

By the way, my blind date turned out to be a hamster and I can't be seen dating a hamster so I pretended I never called.

I've gotta go do some assignments the Fundamental Photography lecturer gave us.

Chloe, signing out with her camera(not mouse) on her right hand, preparing to toke 5 'good' pics and 5 'worst' pics to be submitted on the 4th week.


Andrew C. said...

humorous post!