Friday, 27 July 2007


fuiyooo I type your name so big, see my words r so small. so we're pretty much even. So big for wad? aihyoo... tribute mar...


I've finally got my page right.
Ok, ok, not me. I didn't get my page right.

Thank you KC for making my page right.

We went to Leo's for lunch at the same time there got free WiFi so I brought my notebook there and asked him to help me with my poorly maintained page.
All KC did was click here, click there, click stuff... and now... TADAAAAA!!!!!

I am so happieeee!!!!!

He'll be going for his orientation dinner tonight so he went for a haircut. Haih long story. Go read his blog. Surely he would have said something about it.

LOL! Now I can just ask you to click his name at my links area instead of "hey people, go to kc's blog and read about his haircut his blog is www.melzkc..." (arh, you get my point) because NOW I CAN LINK PEOPLE UP!!!! YIPPIEEEEEE!!!!!!

Anyone wanna be linked (or don't want to be linked), please inform me

Chloe, be right back, going to link more people.


Andrew C. said...

link! ;)

chLoe said...

okie! no prob! i actuali did, but didnt save it
so i havta atart all ova again