Saturday, 28 July 2007

Lazy Piggie Wiggie(damn, gime a break. it's juz some title. Cant think of any atm)

I am so lazy.
I'm so lazy to google. I don't know where's Cali and I don't care.
I want to know what happened to Project Runway Season4 but I'm not going to google it. I am one...


(insert name here)

Know what happened?
About an hour ago, I picked up the phone, dialed
Recognize the colour?
Hellooooo~~? Red and Yellow...
The fast food chain...
It's everywhere...
Got it?
It rhymes with 'WHACKRONALD'S' butt.
I guess you know me well enough to know what happened next. Yes, that telephone number lead to a really cute sexy tan guy who came over to my place in 30 to 45minutes after the call.
I wish.
It was nothing but a plastic bag of you-know-what and drinks.

Currently chatting with my Form 2 Leng Chai.
He's a big boy now. Sitting for PMR this year. Science stream next year summore.
Lil boy at heart. Scared to dissect frogs. I know I enjoyed my time at the lab, all right =D

Chloe, pigging out hoping she'll lose some weight before she meets Lam Fung.
Chloe just smirked and says "Pffft, I wish!" to both of the impossible statements she made.


brian milano said...

hahah ok now i got the rhythm about chips over the conversation just now yea!!! 2bad clo i just read hahah =p cheers my child!!!

Andrew said...

Ms Then and bull's heart

Angela said...

who is the form2 lengchai?
may i have his contact?
hahahaha jkjk

he must be someone i know i guess?

chLoe said...

Brian-yeah, mcd chips in d mid of d nite

Chong-I remember dat... i think... =D

Jela-i think u know lor... hez quite tan wan...
i gv u his contact wan? dis tue la