Wednesday, 15 August 2007


(Wth is with the title I came up with =/ )

I'm back.
This time in a better mood. =)

I don't like it when I'm addicted to Korean Dramas.
Ok, DRAMA. Singular. Not plural.
Heard of Princess Hours? It's about...
Click the link below to find out more about the drama.

I won't call it perfect because they can jolly well improve on the script, but I must say that I salute the way the storyline is told.
Rooms for improvement-
-Wth? Dinner table at the corridoor in between the rooms of the Crown Prince and Princess?
-The palace grounds are very fake(the place Chae Kyung & Lee Yul meet). Very studio like. at least put a blowingfan there so that it looks like the outdoors.
-Lame script.
-super slow talking
-Alot more, malas to type, and also I should stop criticizing because this is the best Korean drama I've watched so far.

Thumbs up for...
-the cute guys- Lee Shin and Lee Yul.
Smart to make the cuter guy the semi bad guy because it'll make it hard for the audience to hate him.
-Great storyline

Pris, PeiYan, Sarah, if you are reading this, I'm sorry I can't make it this Monday. I terremembered that I've got replacement class for the whole day.

I guess I should not bore you with the story about the many assignments I have to complete instead, I shall bore you with junk.
You're welcome =D

OK la, no junk for today since SOME FELLA is bugging me and said that I blog like making cake.
I take a long time meh? I surf at the same time whattt...

Chloe, signing out to aim a water pistol at the FELLA who said that >=(


Spongy_And_Bean_Fan said...

Yea like some gal convinced me too stay up pulak! :P

chLoe said...

=/ u revealed urself

anyway, Happie Burfday!!!