Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Give Mi Birthday Foote Anather Doy

This is weird.
This Algerain guy added me on Skype.

Screw my geography. I didn't get an A for PMR. Where on this round earth is Algerain? Or Algeria?
Anyway, cor convo went like this... (i'm in purple, he in green)
Our Convo:
Where are you from?
I'm algerain
And you?
I'm a malaysian.
Nice to meet you.
What do you do?
(does it mean 'what are you doing NOW or OCCUPATION)
What do you do in your life?
Nothing... Currently studying.
What time is it over there?
(he gave me his email address)
and you?
3.45am here.
5 here in algerai (oooh...Algerai lah tu)
What language do you speak there?
oh... we speak bahasa malaysia, english, chinese and indian here in malaysia

At least I roughly know where's Algerai =)
The convo went on and on lah. Malas nak type the stuff he said... "I gaw at may house"
Wth man.
"You are good frand"
"Mi not good frand"
"why not"
"Mi good"
"I go anather doy"
"do give mi your foote"
"what do you do"
"nice meeting you here. I've got to (sleeping emoticon). It's 4.15am. I have to go to college."
"I am in the summer holiday"
"lucky you. I have no summer holiday here"
"lucky you whith mi"
"malaysia has no summer."
"Our holidays are diffrent"
"give mi time when do you saek whit you"
"hour in algerai is now 9.20"
"(inserts clock emoticon)"
"i dont know. i am quite busy with assignments. i will message you on msn later ok?"
"you ar good frand"
"thank you. you too"
"my nambar021********* ok"
"do give mi your nambar"
"(inserts number)"
"i am going to sleep"
"ok, i've got to go now"
*then I quickly sign out*

Dood! what was that all about?!?! How did he find me on skype? Can any1 explain to me how does Skype work?
1)I added him on MSN,
2)I'm beginning to regret giving him my number. gawsh help me!!!!!
3)he's 19yrs old
4)he called me on skype 3-4 times
5)i have a feeling this is some prank.
6)maybe not
7)maybe yes
8) maybe not

hmmmmm... I am bound to find out...

oh ya,

Happie Burfday


KC! (just in case I don't blog on ur burfday)

and to those who's burfday falls in/on August.

Chloe, scratching her head wondering if she should even post this Clo-Ammar convo on her page...


Andrew said...

So freaky wei.. His "english" that you dont understand might post certain meaning...

Spongy_And_Bean_Fan said...

Oo...does sound freaking but also harmless fun..! Thx 4 d HUGE greeting neway.No need to repeat urself mah...

chLoe said...

Chong- LOL! he summore ask me wad time will i go on9 so tht can chat wif him. =/

wong-and, yeah, i will hv fun=)
u're welcome! =)